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Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by IndyPropertyCare, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. IndyPropertyCare

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    We have a 2002 52" super surfer. The question is, why is it that the lowest setting we can put the deck at is-6- ...7 being the highest. If we run it any lower it cuts the grass so low that it almost scalps it and this eliminates any function of the floating deck.
  2. John Joensen

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    At the highest setting, you should be cutting at 5-inches. I don't know that I understand your question completely.

    Please supply additional information

    John Joensen
    Great Dane Power Equipment
  3. IndyPropertyCare

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    The highest setting for the mower deck is 7.... and when we measure the blade height at that point it is 3.5". With the deck set on 7, it does not "float" it is fixed in its position. I used my own yard and lowered the deck -1- position at a time. When I get to -5- it is so low in the cut it scalps the lawn with just a small incline.
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    Don't realy understand what ya trying to say. Do you mean that you are only able to utilize the top 2 or 3 deck hieght settings and if you lower it any more you scalp? The same thing was happening to one of my danes. If its the same thing it kind of defeats the purpose of having all those settings, Correct?

    Have you got the slots for the sliding bolt that ajusts pitch on that deck? If you do raise the whole deck to the top of these slots. Make sure the front of the deck is 1/8'' lower than the back.
    So if you raise the bake of the deck to the top oof the slot you will just have to set the front so its 1/8'' of the top of the slots or use a spirit level to get the right pitch.
  5. IndyPropertyCare

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    Its almost spring and I am once again re-addressing this question.....

    Why is it that in order for me to get a 3.5 - 4" cut I have to keep the deck set at the highest setting (7) on my 2002 GD SS 52"... ?? I have set tire pressure equal..... measure deck height all the way around on level floor.... blades are ok... but yet if I go lower that -6- setting it scalps the heck out of the yard, and oh my if you have a little incline or hump in the yard it will scalp it big time. ANy suggestions on how or why please let me know.
  6. djp

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    It sounds like the deck is all out of adjustment. Have you had the deck looked at by your dealer? Let me know what the dealer has to say about it. Get back to me soon.

  7. IndyPropertyCare

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    djp..... what do you mean by " out of adjustment" ?? We set the deck height at the dealer the day I got it.....once out on the customer site.... ouch.....!!!! it cut way too low. SO i raised it up to position 6.... nice cut just NO float in the deck and I scalped the hills. NOT good. I have since measured the deck and it is just as it was last spring.

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