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  1. lynn

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    I own a 23/44 super mini Z with a 44 inch deck. I ask my dealer about purchasing a 52 inch deck.
    There reply was that I would have to buy the 52 inch shell with a new belt
    an change every thing on my 44 over.
    Are you telling me that I can not buy a complete 52 inch deck to replace
    my 44 inch deck. I think that is the dummest think that I have heard of
    or the dealer and dist. do not know what they are doing.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    We do not offer a complete assembled deck, it is not something we are asked for very often.
    What you really need to worry about is..... the frame for your mower is different than a frame for a 52" unit, the casters will not line up properly and hit the deck.
    The 52" deck will not work on a 44" frame unit.
    We make the frames (one piece front to rear) on our mowers for the exact size deck they are going to have on them.
    Here is a picture of the frame on your unit, as you can see, it is one piece front to rear.
    You would have to do some cutting and welding to get the front casters lined up correctly so they wouldn't hit the deck, and also so they would line up properly with the blades, for a proper cut.

  3. Doc Pete

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    Actually, those that offer a "deck change only", are shortchanging the customer. You cannot offer only a deck change and get top performance from the machine, since as PJ says, the wheels will not be the correct width apart AND, they also will be either too close or too far from the front of the deck to work correctly.
    Furthermore, those that offer a deck change, usually make you purchase another deck carrier, and after the sticker shock of those items, plus the labor to change parts, I guarantee you won't be changing the deck anytime soon.....

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