52" Scag Cheetah thoughts????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WCPLC22, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Get a hold of your rep. I'm sure he will have one for his territory, especially if he knows your going to buy one, and not be just a tire kicker.
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    the new velocity plus deck cuts excellent, what motor your get it with is up to you whether you grab a mower a showroom and settle for whatever motor it has or you get picky like I did and order a machine with the exact engine you want, will determine how well it cuts in thick grass, personally i would get the biggest engine you can afford especially if you plan to run a bagger system. yes the 52" deck will cut like the 61 as long as you have a clean deck and sharp blades. i wouldn't buy one without demoing it first.
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    I just bought the cheetah w/ 61" and 32 hp vanguard andit is one hell of a mower!! I can utilize the speed of the hi/ lo change for jumping from area to area and getting back and forth, but just being in lo is crazy fast!!! I mean super quick!!! I have been meaning to post a response on here to let everyone know what I thought of the mower but been to busy. It will bog a little on thick, wet grass but I think what the problem is, is the discharge chute hangs too low and slows the discharge. Other than that it's an awesome mower. Good luck.
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