52" Stander


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Probably been beaten to death already, here's my question.

I have Deere, Ferris, Toro, Kubota, and Gravely dealers in my area. All decent dealers.

I'm looking at acquiring a couple 52" Stand-on units, the warranties, specs, price points etc are all similar within +/- $1000. Who has the best machine? Cut quality is obviously a very important aspect. I've heard Deere is just a green Wright, and Wright makes great equipment. Ferris seems to be getting great reviews too. It's more the Toro, Gravely, and Kubota I'm unsure about.

Need help.


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I was just comparing all of them and from what I saw in my book it goes ferris, scag and john deere. Not sure about he others.

Mark Oomkes

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I have a Deere and will not buy another. Royal PITA changing blades. In order to replace the hydro belt, the PTO has to be removed.

It's a good mower but not great.

Haven't tried a Ferris, only heard good things.

Grandstands are great mowers, but Scag has them beat IMO. I know we used ours for clearing sidewalks in the winter, but the electrical system leaves quite a bit to be desired. Had quite a few issues with wiring harnesses and safety switches. But overall a good machine.


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I have a 2017 ferris Z2 61" FX801 , 375 hrs, no problems just normal service.

For me the stock turf tires suck, switched to ags, much better.
keep the deck guides and rollers (on rear top of deck) clean, can bind deck if you don't.

High lifts in lush grass or gators (g6) in dry work fine.

Controls are well placed.
Ergonomics are pretty comfortable, I'm 5'9" 170lbs