52"v61" scag bagging

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sven1277, May 30, 2010.

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    I have had 3 61" tt's with bagger attachments. The first was a 25hp with a 5.5hp pony motor. I think this one did a good job but the pony motor was a major pain. The other two have been spindle driven triple baggers, 1 a 29dfi kawi, and the current one a 31efi kohler. Both of these machines leave debris on the lawn and we have to double cut. The whole reason for having the bagger is to avoid this problem. The deck and blower are regularly cleaned. The blades are sharpened weekly, and the engine is running at the correct engine speed. I wonder if a 52/27hp would be a better option. hp to deck width is a little better, plus less volume of material going through the same diameter impeller and hose. This mower is primarily used for bagging grass and leaves so performance is more important than deck size. Does anyone have experience with both setups?
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    i had a 61'' advantage deck with a 25 kholer. it has the deck driven blower and scag clamshell bagger. only had a problem when bagging leaves when it was real windy, other wise i could bag leaves wide open and it was clean. i also bagged grass with it never had a problem unless i was mowing off more than 4'' of wet grass. I ran scag high lift blades.

    what type of debris is it leaving behind? are you bagging grass or leaves?
  3. greengiant9963

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    When you say leaves debris on lawn do you mean a small trail of clippings at the discharge where the vac housing is attached?
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    have/had the scag bagger (spindle driven) triple soft bagger for my TT w/29 kawi DFI and had zero issues with leaving clippings. Two things you can do that are simple. I had the advantage deck...you can change the "custom cut baffle" its something like six screws/bolts and you want it at the lowest setting so you can create even more vacuum. the second thing you can do...which is what we do...is get yourself a set of super highlift blades. We did notice a difference between using high lifts and standard blades with the bagger. the super high lifts with the bagger attached will suck debris in from outside the deck due to the vacuum created!

    good luck
  5. sven1277

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    I will try higher lift blades. But yes it is leaving grass trails.

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