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I got a 52" wright stander for sale. Here is the story. I sold all my old standers to my buddy. He used them for a year. Traded one on a ztr and kept the other as a backup. But basically left it for dead because it wouldn't start (dead battery) last year. Since I couldn't let it sit there and rust of pieces. I bought it back and when threw the whole thing (had a slow week) I changed all the fluids, new batt, all filters, plugs, lean on pad, etc. Its runs great. Has one of my homebuilt striping kits on it. Included is a grassgobbler, 8 sets of blades, a whole bunch of spare parts, etc. Its got 2188 hours on it, but the motor and clutch was replace right before I sold it to my buddy. The motor only has 82 hours on it. The hydraulic are strong. It will still pull a wheelly. Only problem is the paint looks a little rough. As I had sandblasted and repainted it three years ago. But the new paint didn't hold up well to being left out side. I got another stander, 2 walkbehinds and my walker to cut my lawn and two customers now. So some of this stuff has to go. $2000 obo it would make a great machine for someone just getting started.

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