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    I have a 52" (475hrs) & 61"(950hrs) Stander, the problem I am having is that the speed of each mower seems to be diminishing. My local dealer told me by merely changing the hydro belt and turnbuckles on the linkage that this would solve the problem. Does this sound corect?
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    1. Worn out tires will cause the mower to go slower than when they were new because the diameter gets smaller as they wear.

    2. Check that each pump control shaft (or the hoop over each pump) travels just short of bottoming out on the pumps internal stop (the control levers need to bottom out at the handlebar first to prevent damage to the pumps). Adjust each turnbuckle so that the pump control shaft bottoms out on the internal stop at the same time each control lever bottoms out at the stationary handlebar and then back the turnbuckle off one turn.
    Replacing the turn buckle if worn will remove neutral slopiness but you could get full speed out of a worn one if adjusted properly.

    3. a slipping pump belt would cause the mower to go slower but would likely have burned out or broke in a short amount of time.

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