5280 feet per mile, therefore.....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by instyle, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. instyle

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    If my ZTR can go 8 mph. Please correct me if i am wrong here, but, I should be able to mow at around...what....5mph. Therefore....5280 X 5 = 26400 feet per hour, 26400 / 60 min(per hour) = 440 feet per minute.

    That is fast, that is over 7 feet per second. What am I missing? Can I really cut 5mph?
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    7 feet per second, times the width of the mower (we'll say 5 feet) and you have 35 square feet per second. *60 secdonds in a minute = 2100 square feet per minute, *60 minutes in an hour = 126000 square feet per hour. that's... 3 acre's about.
  3. PaulJ

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    But how often do you cut the intire full width of the deck? So you have to take like 5% of the deck width off and then you have to turn around sometime, right? so that takes out another chunck of your effeciency. then you probably have to make at least one perimiter pass or maybe two.
    I would think closer to 2 A/H on average residential size lawns. 2.5 A/H if wide open multiple acre props.

  4. instyle

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    nice, i like that idea. That is major speed. This is going to be fun.:weightlifter: :canadaflag:
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    if your ZTR is rated at 8mph you will probably be able to cut at close to 7 except in spring rush and the like (with sharp blades)

    The thing that kills you are obstacles and having to turn around. 1/4 acre yards speed doesn't help much. You are either accelerating or decelerating.

    Now once you get over an acre and if it is open terrain, speed is a godsend.

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