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    mower has 25 hours on it,when I engage the cutting blades the engine sometimes bogs down and trys to stall out,then picks up and runs great,has a few times stopped completly..any ideas ,
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    First make sure this only happens when the engine is cool. If it happens when cool but not after it's warmed up I wouldn't worry about it too much. These engines are cold blooded and until they get warmed up they can be a bit quirky. When in doubt though check the basics such as the spark plug, air filter and fuel filter.


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    My 20hp Kohler will stall on cold days when trying to engage the blades until it is good and warmed up. If I am in a hurry I just choke it about ¾, engage the blades then release the choke and off I go. I really think this happens because of the cold grease, belts and all, which puts more of a loaded on the motor. Not to mention with cold air the motors will run a lot leaner, so I just give it more gas (less air (choke)).
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    Good point. Back in the days of the 25 and 22 hp Kohlers it was a common practice to give the engine a little "choke" when engagine the blades on cold days. It was even more common on the old 22/23 hp Kawi liquid cooled............now that was a cold blooded engine.


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