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I turn 18 next year and am going to stat my own LCO. I am going to buy a exmark lazer. I just cant decided if i should get the 52in hp or the laser 60in. The properties around here that i plan to target are proably 1-1.5 acers. With proably .75-1acer of grass. Some have trees and stuff in the way, some dont. Some properties around here have 3 scers of grass. I live in the country. I do not have to worry about gates. I do some work for a homeowner and hes been letting me used his old 60in bobcat to mow his 4 acer feild. After experienceing a zrt i cant see myself using anything else. With the 60in do i loose alot of manuverablity over the 52?

Give me you opioions!

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