54 verses 60 inch deck. Does it really nake much difference in time?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Hello, I have a question Im sure has been discussed but wanted some oppinions. I have a JD 717 with a 48 inch deck that Im well pleased with, it fits my residentual yards perfect or on most anyway. Was at dealer yesterday and was given a price of 5850 on a 727 with a 54 deck and a 23 kaw and on a 737 with a 60 deck and a 23 kaw at 6,600. Im getting ready to do some serious advertisning on and and most of my yards will be resisdentul anywhere from 1/4 acre to maybe 5 acres. I really wanted the 60 deck but Im affraid it may be to big if I get yards like I already have loaded with flowers and bushes that my 48 will just barely fit. My question is does 6 inches really make that big of a difference? Also the almost 800 dollar differnce is a LOT to me. I was offered 750 trade for my JD 133 that has a lot of use on it regardless of which mower I chose. I really hate to get rid of it because of pulling my fert spreader and other attahments and it comes it great of some supper small cluttered yards I have but I might still part with it. Just wanted to ask what you folks who have been doing this a long time thought. If the 6 inches makes a real big differnce I will trade my 133 for the 737 to get the payment down where Im comfortable with it or keep it and buy the 727 for the same money.

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  2. shorty7616

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    If you are unsure of the types of yards you will have I would stick with the 54. You would only see substantial time savings on larger lawns with a 60" cut.
  3. charlies

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    i don't know, do you really save that much time going from a 36" to a 48"? the 36" is much cheaper.

    we only use 60". we have a 32" metro. if we absolutely have to, we'll unload and use it. it gets about mmmmmmmm...5 hours a week, maybe? we do about 95% residential.
  4. Andyinchville

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    I wouldn't worry about the extra 6" unl
    ess you're planning on doing really large properties on a regular basis.....Yes it may save a little time here and there but the extra size makes scalping easier and may prevent you from getting where you need to go...
  5. FrankenScagMachines

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    You are worrying about 6" difference between 54 and 60, but a 54 is only 6" more than a 48". If keeping the 48", go for 60", I don't think a 54" will make a huge difference over a 48" on anything less than a couple acres. Also, a ZTR will pull a spreader, just do not turn tight.
  6. specialtylc

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    The 60 will get you done 10% faster than a 54 inch.
  7. charlies

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    a few of our lawns are so small, i refuse to put our 60"'s on them. we could, and we could cut it in no time, but it would look awful. we put our 32" on it instead.
  8. J.Gordon

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    I agree with FSM: but I would want at least a 27 Hp on a 60'' deck. I have a 25 Hp on a 54'' now and wouldn't want any less after having it.

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