54" vs 48" WB Need some advice

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nfisher330, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. nfisher330

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    I have a JD75 right now with a 54 inch deck. Here is my question...as I expand to more contracts and start using it...do I want or even need a 54" walk behind? I called my dealer and asked if he would let me go down to a 48"...and he said "sure, I gave you the extra 6 inch deck for free anyway". Which means...switch out, but I am not giving you any money back. So with that in mind, would you keep the 54 or go to the 48? I have 2 60" 757 z's...so the 54 WB just seems silly to me...

    Thanks guys,

  2. lazer 46

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    I have two 60 inch Lazers and 2 48 inch walk behinds. I use the walk behind a lot and it goes places that a 54 would never fit. That is my own personal situation. Yours may be different.

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    Do you have the 54 now?? I'm not sure what you are asking ???
    Are you trading one in or do you want to buy another? If you are buying another than get the 48 that way you will have different sizes for different applications.
    I carry a 48 and a 36 side by side in the front of the trailer so I can not get a 52 or 54 on at the same time so that is why I like my 48's. also the 48 will not scalp as much as the 54 will and if that is a problem in your area than that may be a reason to go smaller. I use my 36 a lot just for that reason.
  4. nfisher330

    nfisher330 LawnSite Member
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    I have a JD75 54" right now, and 2 757 Z's. It seems silly to me to have a 54 WB when I have 60" z's....My dealer had it in stock then and there, I did not think about it till I had to work to get everything on my trailer...which is not easy.

    He will let me trade to the 48", but said he gave me the 54" for the same price because I wanted a 48, and he only had a 54". Basically...my question is this...if I am turning in a 54 to go to a 48, am I making a mistake? Is the money being lost worth worrying about?


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