550 Gallon Sealcoating Setup

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Subseven, May 7, 2011.

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    I just redid this 14K Trailer with a 2x12x12 pressure treated deck. The decking is held down by one lock down bar for easy board removal/replacement. The wiring/lights are all new. The fenders are all new.

    I also just redid this 550 gallon sealcoat tank. It has hand agitation as shown but also comes with everything you need to make it hydraulic agitation including a brand new 6.5 HP motor. I also redid the manhole in which I will be making a new one piece lid for shortly. Everything was stripped, primed (Rustoluem primer) and painted with Rustoleum high gloss black. I have the spout with valve and hose that comes out the bottom of the tank also. I made the custom graphics on the side and will change the colors, company name/logo, and phone number to match yours if you buy the whole setup. Serious buyers only. This is a money making machine. A new reconditioned tank itself like this goes for $3500 plus freight. Call me at 518-570-1555 if interested. Will not respond to any PM without a phone number. I am located in Morrisonville, NY.





  2. Subseven

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    Another pic

  3. Subseven

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    Asking $5200
  4. Subseven

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    The Hydraulic Agitation is hooked up and running awesome. The setup we are using (especially that hydraulic pump) is a little overkill....lol. Also putting new rubber scrapers on the agitator paddles inside the tank. Will post pics tomorrow.
  5. Subseven

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    Hooked up hydraulic agitation. Throwing in a broom box, squeegees, brooms, and a crack sealer melter as well. Price is back to $5200.


  6. Subseven

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    Just waiting on sprocket hub for pump and she's fully functional. As you can see, the pump and bypass valve is no little log splitter setup.
  7. Subseven

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    Stripped it back down. Pump was way too big.
  8. Subseven

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    Pump was way overkill and motor would not turn it. Would need new pump (around $130), banjo connectors ($35), and mount ($45) for direct motor mount. I would use a smaller hydraulic tank too.

    I just don't have the time or will to put it all back together now. It is back to hand agitation.

    You get a crack sealer melter, brush box, brushes, engine, bypass valve, hydraulics, tank, trailer, and all for this price.

    Priced dropped to $3500!
  9. CntrlSealing&PropertyCare

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    How much for just the melter/applicator?
  10. blk90s13

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    if he buys the melter would you sell the trailer alone ? whats dimension ? I want it for my skid steer if it may work

    between fenders from that front rail to the end of the deck from the rail also to the front ( to keep the bucket up front )

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