5gpm hydros?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Moose's Mowing, Dec 18, 2012.

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    I recently bought a Kioti 1914 CUT. Came with some 3 point stuff, none of which I'll use. But I'd like to fashion up a 3 pt log splitter for personal use. I've got two problems. first one is there this tractor doesn't have rear remotes, but they can be added fairly easily from what I gathered. If I spend the $ to add rear remotes, I'd have them available to use for other implements as well as a splitter. Problem with this method is the tractors pump is only 6gpm total, closer to 5gpm at the rear remotes. I'm not sure this will be enough to power a splitter. It'll work, just be too slow, but not entirely sure. most splitter pumps I see spec out around 11 or 12 gpm.

    option #2 is to get a 540 pto style pump rather around 15 or 21 gpm. that's a lot and would really speed up a hydraulic system for a splitter. Problem with this is that they go for about 500 bucks, and thats just the pump!! I'd still need all the other crap from the scrap yard. Good thing is I have a valve body, and filter assembly sitting around the shop. So id need some metal, a resivoir and some lines.

    option #3 is to rent a splitter when needed for 65 bucks a day from the rental, but then I'd feel rushed to get as much done in a day as possible and I'm too old to work that way. I'td be so nice to have a splitter in the barn ready to use when I wanna use it.

    option #4 is to continue splitting by hand, which isn't all that bad really.

    option #5 is to talk my wife or neighbor into doing it for me.

    so whaddya think?

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