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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Alanky, Jun 26, 2001.

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    I have a 5 hp briggs engine (same one on kirby's new reel mower only with a racing carb and stright pipe muffler) i had not run it for awhile so i started it and was letting it idle. It let out a VERY loud backfire and shot fire, smoke, and some chunks of stuff out of the muffler. Now it wont even try to start. Replaced some gaskets and small parts and it will run poorly for about 3 seconds and die. When i pulled the recoil cover off there was oil all over the head and block so i wiped it all off and turned the flywheel with my hand and noticed oil bubbling out, but cant see a crack or any thing and i know oil shouldnt be coming out! so what do you all think could be my problem here?? small crack in the block i guess but aything else? I have a cast iron block that i plan on putting all my parts into when i get time. it has also lost a little less than half its compression. Any help is welcome!! Thanks in advance
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    If you have a leak down tester, use it. Testor applies air pressure to the cylinder through the spark plug hole. It has to gauges, one with air pressure in and one with pressure retained, pressure is applied with a knob to regulate pressure.
    With this tool you'll be able to check for cracked block, bad head gasket, rings, and valves.
    Good luck.
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    Where exactly is the oil coming out? If there is major block or general internal engine damage you will be money and time ahead to buy a new engine for 199.99 at northerntool.com or at any small engine warehouse.
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    the oil is coming out of the block on the right side right above the fly wheel. I dont have a leak down tester but will try to find somebody with one. I think i'll probably end up swaping blocks , checking for scored parts and replacing them. i already know i need another piston because the cast iron block has a bigger bore. im going to try that before i spend $200 on a new engine but if the briggs is messed up inside badly ill just stop and buy a a new engine.
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    It is on a go-kart used for pulling (like the tractor pulls only scaled down alot) I do not do this any more so now its just a fun kart.

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