5mm Conical LED Light Strings


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Don't forget the things that save you money when using LED's.
1. Fewer extension cords. You can hook way more sets end to end, so no need to split up bigger jobs
2. Fewer failures. The nice thing about LED's is typically once they are installed and working, you are good for the season. This saves you repair time during the season. Think about how much one or two guys in a truck cost you....
3. More durable, as in, you can step on these things and they don't break. This is real nice for install and take down.

It really comes down to sitting down and plugging in the numbers on how you charge people.


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Dave that was one of the big hangups I had. I spent a large amount on "samples" amazing that the so called companies we deal with dont understand that word. Anyhow, I also found some I really like, the color is so close to ww incan. As Hotrod mentioned, almost indestructable. I had several sets on a job last year, came time to check them for this season three didnt work, Ah great. Well thought about it, went after the fuses, changed them out and bam alive and well. They are back out on the job, ended up there was some corrosion that set up on the no other issues.

With the large cost of LED, I started renting them. I cover my cost on them in year 1, after that, all profit. Think about it this way, I have enough residual installs to cover my overhead, getting new product out that I dont have to run service calls on - not one last year regardless of who's I had out, years prior with all incan was out almost everyday running them. I make all my own leads for the most part now, save a ton of $ there, have less power feeds for the displays, that means less timers, and in all honesty, you use less lights for a display to meet the same presentation as incan as they are so much bright, for some one the size of Dave, that could add up really fast. I am not saying short the display, but the ability to create the same with less is more than obvious, saw this the first time I used LED particularly 5mm conical.

I have not eliminated incan completely, the stuff I get from Omaha, I will not use the LED due to past experiences. I currently have pieces that were new last season, some of them went bad, not a light set in the US for them, so much for warranty. My main supplier now mostly LED, I had some bulbs go bad from corrosion, big push on using the rubber washers last year, great idea but wont let the moisture out that builbs from condensation. Anyhow, I made the call notified them of the issue and the believed cause, inside of 2 hours, recieved an email that there were replacements on the way with the coinciding tracking #. Now that right there is a warranty.

THe c-9s, you will get bad bulbs right out of the box, same with anything. WHat my biggest issue has been outside of that, the lens will twist off on occasion.

Power wise that HotRod mentions, hooking them end to end, my 50 ct 5mm conical, 6" spacing, 13 sets, less than .5 amps. That was a 12' blue spruce. lit completely, inside as well as ends. .5 amps, go figure