5x Commercial 30's or 5x Resi 30's or None Of The Above?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by KAZ, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. KAZ

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    Hello all. I am outfitting three trucks this year to mainly focus on small residential. Anything above 6k SQFT is big. Right now I have two Toro commercial 21" I can throw at them. I was thinking of buying 5x 30" mowers. One truck would run two 30's, and the other two would run a 21" and a 30" with one 30" as back up. The truck with two 30's would hit our bigger lots. I can currently get 5x commercial Toro 30's for ~$9300 (after fleet discount) whereas 5x resi Toro 30's would cost me ~$6000. Is the $3300 worth spending to have the whole fleet be commercial?

    Also, is there a better set up that I am not thinking of? I am setting up my crews justmowit style. They already knock off ~30 houses a day with 21's, and the resi 30's cost the same as the commercial 21's, so I see value in getting them to speed things up even more.

    Looking for any input you may have! Not interested in towing a trailer at all. Trucks are having custom ramps built next month instead of tailgates. All trucks will have racking installed for trimmers, blowers, etc. Any other ways to improve efficiency? Thank you in advance. Looking forward to a lively conversation.
  2. TXPL

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    I've thought about doing this exact thing.
  3. Digitaria Sanguinalis

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    Warm season or cool season? Bag or mulch? As an owner of a commercial 30" I could never recommend one. I mow Bermuda and Zoysia at 2" and the 30" struggles to mulch. If it's slightly wet it's even worse. These are bag only machines. If you mow TTTF at 4" it might work better. But for my money I'd stick with the 21".
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  4. 71GTX

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    Both the timemaster and turfmaster have transmission problems, they have cone clutches that rely on friction to drive the axles,driving them up ramps would wipe the transmissions out in no time.Spend the money on Toro 22297/22298 they have been rock solid for us.
  5. jonnyz37

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    I would shoot myself if I had to use 30 inch mowers all day. What is wrong with using a 36" hydro where you can and push mow any small gates?
  6. JFGLN

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    Have you used the 30" mowers?
  7. TXPL

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    We use 21" all day basically.
  8. JFGLN

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    We set up our trailers with two 21"mowers and one 30". The 30 doesn't work well for us when wet and is less reliable.
  9. TXPL

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    Yeah. I have two 21" HONDERS and a 32" WB.
  10. Bunton Guy

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    36" hydro with velke will last you 10+ years and will make happier employees

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