5x10 Trailer + DixieChopper, + ALOT OF OTHER EQUIPMENT!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by RedWingsDet, Nov 5, 2004.

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    howdy... I have several equipment forsale....

    First, the ztr, I have a dixie chopper 50" deck for sale. Im asking $2500 for it... I also have a 5x10 Trailer im asking $600 for it... However, If you purchase the 5 x 10 Trailer and dixie chopper ill sell it for $2800, so basically your buying a awsome mower and getting a free trailer... The dixie is a few years old, I just had a new motor put on this year, there is NOTHING wrong with it, im just looking to get a hydro WB next year.

    The other stuff I have for sale is...

    48" Exmark Viking - $1300
    7x16 Trailer Dual Axel - $1000
    2 Salt Spreaders - $1000 for both

    Im more intrested in selling the dixie and 5x10 combo package because those I NEVER use anymore, my lawns are simply to small for it.

    Call me (Mark) at 313-575-9323 or PM me. Thank you!

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