5x10 trailer question?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by d.m.d., Sep 12, 2006.

  1. d.m.d.

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    im just starting out and i want to keep my equipment on the trailer and keep it parked in the garage when not in use.i have an old car and all the kids toys in there so im limited on room.iwas looking at a 5x12 trailer but im now wondering about a 5x10?can a guy fit a 32 and a 48 walk behind,a 21 pushmower on a 5x10 trailer?i can order a 5x12 but am i really gonna notice 2 feet?
  2. J&R Landscaping

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    Yes, You can fit a 32 or 36" wb, a 48" wb and a 21" on a 5x10. You will also have a little room for a grass gobler or two and a few trash cans. (I know an lco who has the set-up I just described fit nicley on a 5x10)
  3. YardPro

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    i can't see it.

    we use a 7.5 X 12 and can barely fit 2 44" toro pro line wb's on it without turning one sideways. there is only 6 -7 inches of room left.
    the 21's will fit nicely off to one side, but i would think that with a 5" width, there will be no room for a 21" beside the 48" wb.... only have a few inches on each side of the deck...

    Always buy the iggest trailer you can. You will ALWAYS outgrow the small one, then you will have to buy another....

    we only have the small trailer so we can have a residental crew set up with an s-10 and a a little trailer to pull around in our INSANE summer traffic.
    the commercials get the larger trailer... 16" minimum.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I have a 5x10. That would be a pretty tight setup you're describing...I have 2 36's and I have to turn them backwards to get the gate to latch. I CAN easily fit the 21 alongside a 36 but usually I just stick it in the bed of the truck on the days I need it.
  5. Primetime-SRQ

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    This is the same size trailer I am thinking about starting with also... Great news that some of the same size equip. I plan on buying will fit.
  6. howardsells2000

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    I think it will work for you but it will be tight. I have a 5 X 12 trailer and I carry a my 36" and 21" side by side then my 52" behind them. I have about 2 feet left over at the back of the trailer. I sit my blower there while I'm driving from one job to another.

    Before I bought mine I was thinking of getting the 5 X 10 and now I'm glad I went with the bigger trailer. For me the 5 X 12 is perfect. I can get around the small roads and alley ways but it is still big enough to handle what ever I get myself into.
  7. lordmaximus240

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    your business or the stuff in the garage. You need a 12ft trailer so clean out the garage:nono:
  8. topsites

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    No doubt, I have a 6x12 myself and I'm 100 percent in agreement, don't buy nothing smaller because you can't haul every thing you own anyhow but the larger the trailer, the more you can fit. The ONLY thing you need to watch out for is check with your state's motor vehicle department to see what the GVWR requirements are for a CDL, here in virginia you don't need a CDL until you're over 26,000 lbs. GVWR but in other states it's only 10,000 pounds before you have to have a Commercial Driver's License and a 6x12 can and will put a 3/4 ton over the 10k limit (then again a 5x12 might do it too)... And yes, two feet is a BIG difference.

    As for what to load, I only load what I need for the day, so on grass-cutting day I have one 48" Wb loaded and that is all. This saves fuel and time (no playing musical mowers on the trailer) and I have the extra ROOM in case I need to haul some debris (you might not think a half a 6x12 holds a lot of debris, but I can dump 2-3 cubic yards of crap on there and still get my mower back on and finish cutting the rest of my yards before I even need to think about emptying it out.

    On other days of odd work, I've fit a cubic yard of rocks AND two cubic yards of mulch on the trailer at the same time, just make sure whatever must come off first gets loaded in the back and put a tarp in between the two piles lol, but it really is nice to have a 6x12, you can split and configure that space in many ways and more ways than one, it's big enough I almost always do my mower's maintenance without even unloading it, yup, right on the trailer itself.

    p.s.: the more equipment you have loaded, the more that can and will break and get stolen, guaranteed. Yup, right as you're pulling off the BIG mower you accidentally snag a caster on some other piece and RIP or crack, I done did that... On other bad days you walk back to your truck to get something and see that someone done took your whole trailer.
  9. d.m.d.

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    its not that i always would have everthing on the trailer but its good to know what all you can cram on a 5x10.........thanks for all the responses.
  10. Jay Ray

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    Started with a 5 x 10 and it got to where it was crammed up a lot of the time. Now with the same stuff on a 5 x 12 the day goes easier, much less hassle loading and unloading.

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