6.5 x 16ft Trailer for SALE!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by RedWingsDet, Nov 20, 2004.

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    6.5 x 16ft trailer. tandem axel. has brakes, just needs them hooked up. it can go another year or two with the boards and tires it has. it could use a paint job. all lights in working order, there not cracked like alot of trailers are. it has a side gate. it also has a rack on top, as you can see, for 2 gas cans and a toolbox along with other goodies. its a great trailer, give it a paintjob if ya want and its a great trailer. i bought this a few months ago, spent about 400-500 dollars on getting goodies added,

    such as:
    extra angle iron for support of flexing, supports welded inside the wheelwell so you can step on the wheelwell and not have it cave in on you which is a big plus, the side gate added, the rear gate i had some extra reinforcements added, and the extra storage rack on top added.

    these additions were not cheap, you guys know the cost of steel these days, and labor is expensive. it probably would have costed over 500 but i know the welder so i got a little bit of a break.

    As you can clearly see, this is a great trailer, just get her painted and she will provide you with many years of satisfaction!

    Im asking $1000 but make me an offer. I can deliver for a fee, or if close enough we can probably work something out. PM me, or call 313-575-9323



    Trailer Down.jpg

    Trailer Toung.jpg

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