6.5' X 30' retaining wall needs rebuilt-help with pricing this

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by andyslawncare, Mar 15, 2009.

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    I've been doing mostly maintenance for some time now. Have a client with an existing wall that was not properly built. It will need to be torn down and rebuilt. The dimensions are 6.5' X30'. Currently there is no drainage behind the wall. How would you guys price removing the wall that is there with a lot of the soil behind the wall and reconstructing the wall properly? I know the correct way to do this, just not familiar with how to price it. Thanks for any help!:confused::confused:
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    what's the question...

    you are familiar with it but you don't know how to price it?

    Price at least enough to cover your costs.
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    You can talk to your landscape supplier to figure how much you'll need for materials. They are an excellent resource that most ocntractors don't use. They want to sell you the products so they are almost always more thna happy to help you figure what you'll need. Just ask them
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    I'm not understanding how you know how to do it, but not how to price it. There's no one formula, take your materials, figure how much time its taking you, mark your markups, and there's your price.
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    Why can't you know how to do something and not know how to price it? Maybe he doesn't know the going rate in his area. My friend asked me to teach his son guitar. I had no Idea how to charge but I can play. You guys are a rough crowd.
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    Not beating you up. Have you ever done a true retaining wall, with grid and engineering? If not maybe this is one you DONT want to tackle. True retaining walls open your self up to a lot of liability if they fail.
  8. Isobel

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    but that still comes down to a basic question: What is your time worth?

    That's a question that can't be answered by anyone else, only you.
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    True but we always get mad at newbies for lowballing. Finding out the fair market rate isn't bad. When I first started I left a lot of money on the table.
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    You guys need to get off your high horse and help people instead of knocking them down.

    in this case for this wall. it depends what type of wall is in current place now. does it have a railway tie or a concrete wall or a block wall?

    for a basic wall with out haveing to take one out, clean slate a 6.5' x 30' with the cheapest block around would be around. $5250.00. That would be with a block that would cost $2.50 each. They measure 4"x12" using drainage in behind wall, and that would be a straight wall.

    but it can change from area to area.

    also it could go way up from that price. that is abesolute lowest i would imagine people would charge.

    This job would take me and one guy about 5 days to do at most. That would be diggin everything by hand. depending on terrain as well right. sometimes you cannot dig by hand, and need to pay for equipment to be there.

    if you need any other help then let me know, i will have no probelm helping without telling you, that you are dumb and cannot do that wall like some of the guys on here.

    they make large cash but have nothing better to do then sit on a computer and nit pick everything about others work, and ways of doing things. If i was making as much as they say they do, i would be taking my Girl and daughters out for dinner and doing things like that with them.
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