6.7 cummins?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by kawakx125, Oct 19, 2012.

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    for the moment i'll just be using the EGT sim's and dpf pressure sensor sim to fool the computer. budget is kinda tight at the moment, I know i'll get a CEL but I don't mind seeing that. I really don't need any more power nor do i want to have to put a new clutch in it with running more power. don't want to void the warranty either, it didn't cost me anything.
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    The G56 standard trucks really defuel between shifts and it makes the truck lag hard when you shift. I test drove one before I went with the 68FRE auto. You would see a huge benefit to how the trucks shifts more smoothly (no lag) if you found a used Smarty on Ebay. You just have to download the ME (middle East) program to use the Smarty on a deleted truck. The clutch with hold more power then the stock auto will. The auto is only good to 65 HP with no mods but the G56 will hold closer to 100HP.

    I deleted my truck at 20K (65K now). The chance of a deleted Cummins having a problem is slim. If I had a 6.0 or 6.4 I wouldn't dare to do anything because those warranties can be worth big bucks.
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    i plan on getting a tuner eventually, just not in the budget right now. I have been wondering why i can't hardly shift the dang thing smooth! I hear nightmare stories about guys who are running these motors stock, and everyone who has deleted seems to like them as good or even better than the 5.9's. can't argue with the cummins durability, it's not their fault that the EPA mandated the emissions equipment
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    The 2007.5 trucks had the most issues that had to be worked out. There are still lots of guys even with early trucks that never had any issues. Once you got to 08' and later there were fewer issues but you always hear the most from guys who hate or love their truck the most.
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    from what i've been reading on cumminsforum.com the guys that tow all the time and or long highway trips are the ones that don't have problems. its the city driving and constant regen's that cause the problems and soot everything up. my truck is my dd, and i don't tow with it every single day, and along with the mpg increase the deletes make it much more versatile if you will. i need to be able to have the truck see every condition imaginable and be just fine with doing all of it. during mowing season it'll see alot of short trips from yard to yard
  6. kawakx125

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    plus EGR on a diesel is just plain dumb, pouring all that soot back into an engine CANT be good for it!
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    I have a 2012 and I deleted the dpf, got a smarty, cold air intake, and I went from 10mpg to nearly 17! It is amazing how much more power it has too. I will be honest, stock I was so disappointed... My truck has a 6" lift, but it didn't get much more than 11 before the wheels and tires and lift..

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    Not that unheard of that a Dodge needed front end parts at 50k. In my experience, by 70k I had a totally new front end, fuel pump, steering pump, and an injector. Motor is great but truck sucked IMO. However I have heard awesome things about the deleted 6.7's.
  9. kawakx125

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    well got the deletes done, sounds like a jet now idling with the exhaust brake on!
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    It definitely gets your attention the first time you hear the e brake deleted!

    I have an 11' 4x2 CCSB 3:42 rear end, manual. I deleted at 10k. I now have 32k. I have the H&S XRT Pro tuner. With the mild setting +60hp I get 13 to 14 pulling 16 ft open trailer weighing 7 to 8k with everything on it. Pulling 28 ft GN with 65hp tractor and 10ft cutter it gets 10 to 11. This is all stop and go with 65mph top speed.

    Empty on the hot setting got 22 mpg going to San Antonio in the summer at 70mph. I didn't mess with an air intake, no reason to unless your gonna run big power. I did get a 5" turbo back exhaust just to get a louder sound. You definitely want to keep your tuner on the lowest or no power setting when pulling to prevent blowing the head gasket. Which is where the aftermarket head studs come in.
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