6 Acres of Nothin' but LEAVES---HELP?!?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GMAN, Nov 14, 2001.

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    Next year one of my accounts will be to maintain a large apartment complex with many, many trees on the property. The property manager wants the leaves taken off the property, not mulched, as I have continually suggested to her. There is no place to dump them on the property and the city does not do leaf pick-ups. I'm most likely going to do a one time mulch over w/the ZTR, pick up the remaining debris with a cyclone rake vaccuum (300 gallon cap.), and dump them on the curb to be picked up.

    I have two questions: 1) How many bushels, gallons, cubic feet, etc., of leaves should I expect to pick up weekly after mulching 6 acres of leaves, and 2) How much do you think a company would charge to pick up the leaves from the curb on a weekly basis. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Are you working on an hourly basis?

    If so you are to make it worth your while to be there doing that tough job.

    I cant tell you how many bushels you are gonna get because all properties are different. For that matter it also depends on the weather, if you get a day with 40mph winds and most of the leafs blow off the property, you have less. If the wind blows to your properties from down the street, you have more. Do you have mature trees and what type are they? Oaks hang on long, maples of the Silver weed type do too where ash fall fast here. Locust are a pain. It just goes on and on.

    What type of equipment are you using? How much help do you have? What are your costs? Is it beneficial for you to purchase a leaf vac and dump box or truck? Just alot of variables that make it hard for me to answer.

    There are LCO's that will vacuum the debris up but then you take the chance of them getting the clean job too as they are equipped and might as well clean and remove at the same time.

    Analyze all the benefits vs detriments of the job and see if you can make it work if you really want to.
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    I would continue to mulch them up first and then vac them afterwards regularly. This will keep your services within budget much easier and add a modest cost to your services passing the savings on to the clients.

    As for the debris if you have a stakebody plan on dumping the debris in your trucks/ disposing of it/ and then billing accordingly from the time you leave the shop til you get back that afternoon-evening.


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