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    What do you guys include in each app? I am studying the material for my license now, and am tinkering with different ideas. I know things are different for different areas of the country. I live in west central Georgia. Any applicators in this area with input?
  2. Jbh0724

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    Still looking for info. Bump
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    Send me a pm I'll hook u up
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    Pretty much sums up the problematic areas.
    Each region has its own problems but you will need to know when to apply the products to suit your lawns and weather conditions.
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    The attached is a complete list of our applications. We are in Transtion Zone and adjust the programs using the list.

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    Thank you that is some good info. I'm still trying to find products that will work best for my area.
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    Here's my program that I use and recommend to our customers. Many have followed it with excellent results. This is for the Southeastern part of Massachusetts and it may not be suitable for your area. Dates are approximate as things always fluctuate depending upon the weather.

    April 15th - 19-0-6 Dimensions (90 day control of crabgrass)
    May 27th - 19-0-6 Dimension (additional 90 day control of crabgrass)
    July 8th - 18-0-8 + 2% Iron + Allectus (Imidicloprid for Grubs, Bifenthrin for insects)
    August 19th -TWO choices! 28-0-12 + 3% Iron or 18-1-8 Sustane (Organic/conventional "Bridge" type of fertilizer)
    September 30th - 21-3-21 + 2% Iron
    Anytime - Dolomitic Limestone @ 50lbs./1,000 sq. ft. (soil tests are recommended for actual needs but this is a good baseline for our area to start)

    This program does not address broadleaf weeds and if weed control is needed throughout the season, there's multiple ways of dealing with them as they pop up. A granular Lockup 0-0-7 product works well for large areas or liquids such as Speedzone Southern, Eliminate-D, or even Triamine Jet Spray will work for smaller areas.
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    Thank you all. I'm putting all of this together. Anyone in the southern zone of georgia with good info. Much appreciated
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