6 ft trees, estimate.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Malrex, May 9, 2007.

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    Talked to a client the other day and in a few days going to give him an estimate. Basically he has about a 310 foot stretch of land where he wants fast growing fir trees to be planted (10 ft. apart so about 31 trees). I can get a buddy, rent a skid loader, auger, etc. The land is easy access, although a little far away for watering purposes...I figure that my buddy and I can dig the holes with the auger, unload trees from delivery truck, and set/plant the trees in 2 10 hour days. Then I can go back by myself and stake, mulch, ect. So far I'm running around $ 8 grand for this job....does that sound fair? I usually just do ponds...
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    I figure $3,500 for Materials ($75 per tree (wholesale should be $50), $500 mulch, pay your friend $675 or so) then add $2,500 for Labor. Total $6,000. Make him sign a waiver saying he's responsible for watering and your done. Stake your trees up as you go, so they don't blow over and he can eye ball while you tie them down.
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    It shouldn't take 40 man hours to plant 31 trees especially with a skid steer. FYI, Dingo's are cheaper to rent and will do just as good as job with planting. 8 grand sounds high. You should be able to plant 31 trees, stake, and mulch with 2 guys in one day. Cost of tree is going to matter a lot when bidding. What type of Fir are you using?

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