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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. bobbygedd

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    would u lower your price, if it were for a small group? someone called and had himself, and 5 neighbors to sign. asked about a group rate for mowing. these are standard 3-4k properties that we charge roughly $27-$28 for. would u come down, for a group rate? if so, how much? naturally, the contract would state issues like if any of them cancelled, there would be an increase for the rest, etc. this makes ME uneasy, and i had to decline the "group rate" request. i did, however , promise them a great service, at our usual rates. what would u have done?

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    group rate is code for cheep whinnny azz people
    no way full tag or no go oh and i bet they all wanted cut fri.
  3. ofishil

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    yes i would drop it for a dollar a yard. one drops prices goes up a buck. This is if i had room for them. If not then the price would be full price and some.
  4. aklandscape

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    charge them a dollar or two more than regular and tell them that it's your"Group rate". Someone is going to be a pita anyways. So when someone drops out you can raise them all acouple more bucks and then it's really worth doing them.

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    I find usually the 'group rate' thing means The Group is getting 12-15 estimates and plugging the numbers in a spreadsheet...so probably not gonna sign them anyway.

    Maybe a $1-$1.50 off per lawn, anything more and it's not worth it...
  6. wojo23323

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    charge your normal price and tell them it is your group rate price.
  7. DLS1

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    Bobby how many times can you ask the same questions over and over and over year after year after year. :laugh: :laugh:
  8. bobbygedd

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    i'm flattered that you find me so interesting, that you remember. as for you...who are you? i don't even recall seeing u here? are u new?
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    Nepsjay says, even he can't break his own rule when it comes to minimums. ;)
    So if you have a minimum there Geddy, why would you want to lower it? Does the largest plumbing outifit in your area lower his cost when he finds 3 houses in a row that have plugged up toilets? :waving:
  10. boatdude

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    If you signed them at that rate congrats...however based on what this smart guy posted almost two years ago I think you could have given them a break and still made a solid hourly rate...you are the only one who can guess how much a couple bucks per yard might impact their decision.

    05-28-2004, 06:38 PM
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    do you really know how important neighbors are?


    i used to time everything, to the minute. i have one stop with 4 houses in a row. all the same size, same basic layout. i was timing it, gate to gate, 65 minutes for the 4 houses. it came out exactly the same every time. so, i lost one, poor guy can't afford me anymore. anyhow, i timed the 3 houses, gate to gate, at 57 minutes. that means the other house, was only an 8 minute job, for $30. this tells me that there is more time spent than we realize to stop, get out of the truck, unload /start equipment, load it back up, etc. the additional house was only taking me 8 freakin minutes. THIS is why it is so important to group the work, one stop do the whole block. i may start offering small discounts to neighborhoods who sign up 3 or more neighbors. i'm thinkin maybe instead of $30, i'll go $27, $28. i'll still be higher than my $18-$25 counterparts

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