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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SCAGMAN411, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I have a bid i got a call on its 6 miles of road to mow, i hav no i dea how much to charge its by the season 4 times a year, and i measured how muc has been mowed about 60 wide so it should be no problem for me
  2. Mckenzie's Maintenance

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    free bump....I have seen guys around me mowing the highway side......have no idea what you would charge
  3. topsites

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    There are 5280 feet in a statute mile, so 5280 x 6 = 31,680 feet.
    And you say 60 wide, what 60 inches or 60 feet?

    If it's 60 inches that's 5 feet x 31,680 = 158,400 square feet, ONE strip.

    How many strips you doing, both sides?
    158,400 x 2 = 316,800 square feet.

    There are 43,560 square feet in an acre.
    So the above comes out to 7 1/4 acres, roughly.

    Now if it's 60 feet wide of a strip that's another story, you do the math.
    Then it's rough cutting (or bush hogging), I wouldn't normally do these with a Ztr.

    But it's a start, now you know how to do some of the math lol

  4. howierd3866

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    scagman--all depends is there trashing and weedeatting also. The way Ifigure it up about 16yrs ago was to find a place alease a half mile long and about the same conidtions.Check your time and that wil get you started.The smallest we have is about 2 mile long and 30ft of cutting on each side and very light W and T. Its take the about an hour for $400.00.As for our cutting season its about 10 months a year. good luck
  5. howierd3866

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    checking to see how its going
  6. MikeKle

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    A friend of mine knew a guy who did the expressway sides and middle from Covington,KY all the way to Louisville,KY I think its about 60 miles? They did it 3 times a year with big 4x4 tractors with 15ft batwings cutting really short. He was paid $75,000 a cut. I dont know how many tractors he had going at one time but it was alot, plus he had to have semi trucks to move all the equipment around. Thats alot to get into when someone else could come along next year and under bid you!!
  7. howierd3866

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    I agree we been lucky after 30 years we got enought equipment we can bid on these and if someone come along and they have to out bid us well I laugh and keep on getting.But most of our contract we still have even after 5 years due do causes where they dont have to take the lowest bidder.

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    wow 6 miles seems like it would suck

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