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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobbyg18, Dec 18, 2006.

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    this is a progress report...so far in my first six months of running my skid steer service, its been up and down...its a part time business and im feeling my way around, made some mistakes but learn from each one...its very rewarding working for yourself

    i started with a F-250, 10K # trailer and skid steer...I have a grapple arm and a flip up tooth bar and also added a small mini hoe, (which i have broke twice already)

    i have since realize that i need a dump truck, i rented one 6 times in Nov...so i traded in the 250 for a 550 dump truck...

    over the last month i haven't had a single day off, and i thought i was going to be done with non-snow work by now...i focus on small day jobs only mostly, so far, for homeowners...

    i just wanted to thank all those who have answered my posts...this site has been great...thanks
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    Sounds like you are doing good so far. I'm also new (1 year in business for myself). What do you do to promote yourself and bring in new business? I've been mostly word-of-mouth referrals and mostly homeowners as well. Some work from yellow pages but that is mostly waste of time calls. I have been using a 14K dump trailer but really need to get a dump truck also. My trailer already looks 10 years old, but it's only one year! Hauling removed concrete has shortened it's life considerably. What has the majority of your work been? I have a Harley power rake and doing large lawn prep has paid a lot of bills this year!
  3. bobbyg18

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    i've had some success with craigslist.org...and its free...most of my work has been moving dirt/fill, some grading jobs...filled in a couple pools...excavation for driveways, spreading gravel etc

    i cant wait to use the harley rake...i should have probably used one on my worst job so far...this job was a disaster, small little job that turned into a 3 day job...everything was shitting the bed, hyd lines, dump truck, my grapple bucket...3 days and no profit and the grade on the backyard looked like ****, i just wanted out of there so bad

    anyways how ez is the Harley rake to get used to? ...i ve used the landscape rake a few times, but both times the yards were a bit small for that attachement...
  4. it excavate

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    The power rake is a great tool, but not as good as you would think. I always end up with a pile of crap/dirt that is a pain in the butt to get rid of at whatever point I push it to. I try to get my leveling done before I power rake because it's kind of slow to move much dirt around. It takes a few hours to get the hang of using it and it takes a few jobs to figure out the fastest way to get all the debris out and a nice finish that requires little hand raking. If your adept at running equip, which I'm sure you are, it's not a big deal and you'll get it figured out quickly.
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    I hope you don't mind a sponsor popping in here, but I just wanted to invite you to try a free can of Fluid Film if you're unfamiliar with it and live within the Continental US. It will stop all corrosion and lubricate for extended periods of time. It's solvent free with a lanolin base.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled forum.
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    congrats and good luck bobby.
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    Congratulation's :clapping: on your growing business. So how is the 550 Super Duty working out? That's my reg. job. I deliver them out of the Ford plant here in KY. Getting my Bobcat Business built up on the side, until I retire frm car hauling. Good Luck Dennis
    ps: if I may ask, what kind of per hour rate are you getting in your area? I'm getting 65 per hr, with a 3 hr mini here in KY.

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