6' pickup dump

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bdboss, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. bdboss

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    I saw a picture of a dump insert that was installed in a newer style chevy pick up with a six foot bed. I have not been able to locate this bed anywhere. Any help would be appreciated......it did not look like a custom fabrication
  2. gogetter

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    Pretty sure EZ Dumper makes a 6' model.
    And I know Dell Hydraulics makes one.
  3. fga

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    is this for a 1/2 ton model? just curious if the weight of an empty EZ would be too much for it? the truck i'm purchasing is also a 6' bed GMC.
  4. GLS

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  5. JCKL

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    I have the Truckcraft in my 04 shortbed 2500hd
  6. fga

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    do you like it? what type of loads to you dump with it, and what do you think the most yard of soil or mulch could you fit? i'd be interested in a shortie insert myself. and is the unit itself heavy? do you think it would be too much for a half-ton with helper springs, etc.?

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