6 x 12 dump trailer

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by pagreen, Feb 2, 2009.

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    Attention handymen… Mid 1990’s 6 X 12 dump trailer for sale. Trailer needs a coat of paint and some welding work in front corners. I planned to do this work myself since the frame is so heavy duty compared to the trailers they make now but plans have changed for this year. New parts on this trailer include 6 lights (2 rear and 4 marker), break away battery and system, deep cycle battery, 7 pin connector and wire, 7,000 swivel jack, (4) 14 ply tires, and wooden sides. Trailer was inspected last march and expires this March. (I don’t know any reason why it would not pass this year.) Trailer is registered at 9,999 pds and has never let me done. It’s definitely a money maker for anyone in the landscaping or construction business. With some welding to fix the front corner and a nice coat of black paint this trailer would be a great upgrade from someone who has been using their pick up truck to haul material. PS floor has been replaced to its solid. The only welding that needs to be done is in the corners. I didn’t show a pic of the floor because I have tools covered up with a tarp now. Call me anytime @ 215 768 0846 Price is $2,300 obo…
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    to the top with pics....

    DSCN3699 small1.JPG

    DSCN3705 small1.JPG

    DSCN3703 small.jpg

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    WHAT IS THE GVW? now what it is taged at
    what make is it?
    what kind of axles does it have?
    what is the emptie weight?
    thanks dusty
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    the trailer is taged at 10,000
    the make is custom i dont know if they still make trailers.
    axles...hmmm i really have no idea
    my reg says right under 2000 lbs...... i would think its a little more my guess would be 2500 lbs
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    to the toppppp
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    Could you post or email a few better pictures. I can PM you my email address.
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    is it a single cylinder hoist?

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