6 x 12 open trailer questions

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bry@n, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Okay, I need to pick up a open trailer. I have a 1994 6x10 that is the community trailer. Everytime I need it, it's never here (although I own it). So I have decided to buy a new trailer and go 6x12. The dealer wants $1600 + tax for a 6x12 Big Tex with a tubular top rail. Now, I don't know much about the ins and outs but I can see the paint isn't done great and read somewhere on here that they don't paint the bottom of the trailer.

    is that true?

    Whats the going rate for a single axle, 3500# axle, 6x12 with a gate?

    Who makes a decent trailer?

    This will not be worked hard. Just be used for quads and ocasional trips to Home Depot etc...
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hanau

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    I just ordered a new 7'x20' from these guys:


    They seem good to deal with, I doubt they'll ship to New Jersey, however you can browse their website. What I liked is they let me pre-order and I don't have to pick it up until I need it in April.

    My trailer w/ 10K GVW, electric brakes on both axles, LED lights, and all the other goodies set me back $3,000. You're basically getting half as much trailer, so expect a corresponding drop in price.

    My preference is for a wider trailer, a narrow one can "disappear" in your mirrors. By the time you see it it's too late. Done screwed up, pull forward and try again. 6 foot is awfully skinny, if you really don't want a wider one stick some orange marking flags at the rear corners.
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    Trailer prices vary a lot by region. Here they are really cheap, as Hurst Trailers is only 20 miles away from here and they are top-notch trailers and we can buy right from the factory. 6.5 x 12 with 3500 lb axle is $858. 6.5 x 12 tandom axle with brakes and two 3500 lb. axle is $1488. Can go right down the road 2 mile from them and there is Ridgeline Trailers. They are a little cheaper then Hurst. Gentleman that started Ridgeline worked for Hurst for years. They both can build literally any kind of trailer you can think of. It is neat goign there picking up your trailer and seeing the factory it was built in.
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    Thanks guys.

    Picked up a used (not really used) trailer last night. Guy towed from NJ to FL and back 3 times. Got it for $900. It's in great condition and will serve my purposes well.

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