60" 630 Mill creek aerator cat 1 3pt mount

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Itsgottobegreen, Sep 15, 2008.

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    60" 630 Mill creek aerator cat 1 3pt mount. This is no cheesy 3pt aerator. Millcreek is know for being the heaviest duty aerator you can buy. The entire frame is 2" solid steel not tubing.

    I have had this unit for a 5 years. I rebuilt it once a 2 years ago. Put all new tines and bushing in it. But its do for a new set of tines and bushings again. I got new bushing for it, so you just need the tines. I am including 4 60lb ford tractor weights that sit in the weight box.

    First $1100 takes it.

    I also have an additions four 100 lb kubota tractor weights I put on it for dry conditions. $200 for the set.

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