60" bad boy riders

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 93gmc, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. puppypaws

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    There is not really an amount of money (especially $900.00) you can put on the difference between an AOS with a 35 Cat and one with the 28. The 35 will make you so much more money it would be hard to figure. Time is money, and the 35 will run circles around the 28 in medium to heavy cutting.

    Does the ride not just blow your mind comparing it to any ZTR you have ever owned or operated. Name all the ones you have owned or operated and give me a comparison in ride, speed, cut and productivity?
  2. nosparkplugs

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    The speed is a bonus for sure, also for a 4 cylinder it sips fuel .66gal/hr, thats like a 20hp Kubota diesel engine. I suspect I will burn more fuel on the pipe line this summer.

    I was just thinking the engine upgrade to the 4 cylinder Cat is $900.00, Add the tax on the ZTR it's more like $1,900

  3. puppypaws

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    If you ever ran the 28 I can promise you would give $2000.00 difference, and it would not take long to make up the difference in money. If you ran a 28, and new that was all you could get after having run your 35, you would not buy the BB, it would make you sick on your stomach.
  4. nosparkplugs

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    I listen to the 28hp Cat on the Scag TT it was rough, but it was idling it does smooth out some at WOT. But yes the 28hp Cat :nono: was not an option for me:)

    I still cannot believe Hustler ditched Caterpillar for the little Shibaura diesel.
  5. puppypaws

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    The 28 Cat was unbelievably weak on the 72" deck, you actually can't believe how weak, until you operate one yourself.
  6. kjslawn

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    That thing has got to weigh a ton. I guess I am the only one that wants a small 60inch Ztr that wont rut up the hood! I could not put that BB on my yards and I have several
    2+ acres. It is a nice mower though it has got to turn some heads going down the road.
  7. dwost

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    Get the 60 lightning, 1100 lbs
  8. nosparkplugs

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    It's actually the lightest diesel ZTR on the market @ 1,550lbs to date:) nothing can touch it on it's light weight for a big diesel, and it does not rut the turf, like it's appearance would project. I f your good with the sticks it will not tear the turf, the bar lugs leave less a footprint vs a turf tire. If you look at the picture with the BB AOS diesel in the large field in the pic off to the far right, you can see were I made passes no rutting in pic:nono: I surly don't expect those wanting to overlook the truth on the Bad Boys to ever agree, so as I have said before I will be posting pictures throughout out it's cutting life cycle, with a 6,000hr rated Cat diesel engine thats alot of pics:dizzy:. No the AOS diesel might not be the best ZTR to mow grandma's yard with:nono: we don't mess with folks that role like that:rolleyes:

  9. retrodog

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    Hey man, I think your mower is cleaner than a new one straight off the assembly line.....lol. Did you wax it? I wish I could clean mine like that, I always get pissed off when the dirt and grass just sticks to the parts that I just washed, I end up just giving up after a while and just wiping armoral all over the black parts. The AOS has a massive counter weight on the front, not exactly sure what it weighs, but I would guess between 80 and 120lbs. It helps to keep the front on the ground. The issue with the front wheel wobble is because the factory setting is torqued for mid speed settings for grass cutting. We usually tightnen them up a little when they come in because it is usually something we would be doing in the future anyways. Not a bad thing, just gets on your nerves racing through the parking lots and sidewalks. Only takes a few minutes to tighten up, so not necassarily a "Bad Boy issue". We had alot of lookers today with 4 people actually filling out applications to finance.....not one got approved. 2 actually had good credit, I guess all the talk about banks tighting up is true. We sold one today, but they wrote a check. Hope you guys are having better luck getting the stuff you need to operate your businesses. Been kinda busy lately, so if anyone needs questions answered just call. New baby fixin to pop out, mower sales kicking off, starting to mow and landscape, remodeling a house, servicing existing mowers for the new season, and trying to keep my head from spinning off...lol. Looks like alot of you Bad Boy haters are starting to come around now and listen to some of these guys. BB is one of the few mower companies this year that is actually expanding into new production facilities, opening up new production lines, and is continuing to operate with no dept loads whatsoever. Good luck this season, and I hope to see more of you bleeding orange and making more profits.
  10. puppypaws

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    The 28 Cat AOS I ran had a wheel shimmy so bad if you started off fast within 10' you were pulling the handles back to stop so you could start off again very slowly. It was as bad a wheel shimmy as you could ever possibly see. I was told by BB the front wheels needed to be tightened up but my thinking is they should never leave the manufacture performing like that and they sure as heck should not get by the dealer with that problem.

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