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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Blessed 1, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Blessed 1

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    I have the best dealer in SW Ga in Westover Lawn and Garden. Jay Way gave me the opportunity to be the second person to demo the New Exmark Front Runner 27hp 60” deck. They treat me as though I am a Major Player even though I am a Part Time cutter. They called me Thursday and told me to pick up the Front Runner on Friday to Demo for the weekend. I put it to the test Friday- Sunday and here are the results. To make a long story shorter it would be an Excellent addition to my trailer but I would have to have the 25 Kubota Diesel due to my riding a 31hp XS everyday. My ideal set up would be to get it with a mulch kit ant striping roller to have in addition to my XS.


    Agility –
    Flip Up Design ease of blade changing

    Excellent Trim Capabilities. I could get to a lot of places unreachable with my mid mount ZTR.

    Excellent for uneven turf.

    Great hill holding capability but struggled to go through V shaped ditches to get to inside bank.

    The Weight Transfer System really works well. No damage from main tires while turning (see cons about rear tires)

    Back wheels divot marks

    Electric deck lift and height adjustment (I am used to the consistency of pin in a hole as a height adjustment)

    Lack of deck lift foot pedal. I use mine a lot when going over crests and uneven turf.

    Need more power. 31 or even 35 hp would be ideal (XS and 31 hp Vanguard has me spoiled) I would have to get the Diesel.
  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    Thanks for the review... yours is the first I have read.
  3. green acres lawns

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    I wondered when someone would try this model, and how it would compare to the front mount grasshopper. Personally I think front mounts take up to much trailer space.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Most of them fold up now and take less trailer space than a midmount.

    For me, it's still hard for me to imagine dealing with all the length while mowing with one.
  5. davidcalhoun

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    With front-mounts, you deffenitly have to watch your back end while pivoting around obstacles. It's just something that you get use to.

    For those who like the old style Exmark deck, the Frontrunner has the Ultracut deck.
  6. Blessed 1

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    With the deck up it took abaut the same about of space as my XS.

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