60" Exmark Pioneer vs 61" Scag Freedom Z

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bowbird, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. bowbird

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    I have been looking at these 2 mowers for my 2 acre yard ( plus a few other small lots) and I can't decide. Both are similarly priced around $6900 so that isn't the factor.

    Here is the specs:

    Exmark has ultracut 4 deck and kohler zt740 (I haven't seen much about these) and has the upgraded seat.

    The scag is the 61" with a 30hp Briggs commercial turf.

    Anybody have any insight on these 2? Thanks!
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  2. TPendagast

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    Both are residential grade lawn mowers or, what they refer to as "estate"

    'back in the day' this would have been the 'light commercial' line.

    What does that mean?

    Well what that means is, Professionals that would cut residential lawns that were well groomed and not rough or difficult, would use this level of equipment.
    Typically 25-30 hours a week of commercial use.

    So an 'estate' mower is designed to be used on large lawns of the residential type.

    That's what you have, and I doubt you will mow 25-30 hours a week. so you are covered.

    Now compare the two.

    Of the two machines. The scag is more durable. Many pros ultimately use this model. The scag has the better engine.

    the Pioneer will have a better cut, slightly.
    Depending on the type and quality of your grass, you might not even notice the difference between the two as far as cut quality.

    6900$ sounds like a lot of a residential mower.
    Are you sure you need a 60/61" deck?

    if you have a lot of trees or landscaped beds/obstacles you are better off with a 48 or 52" deck for maneuverability.
    Two acres isn't as much as it probably seems to you. You do not necessarily need the largest residential deck money can buy, and not getting the big 60 could save you some $$ too.

    It won't take you long, to mow with a 52 or 48, especially after factoring in the maneuvering around obstacles in the front/side yard with the big 60…. but I don't know your yard.

    So good luck… I'd buy the scag.
  3. bowbird

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    Thanks for the reply,

    Before I logged back in, i stopped by my dealer and he had a 60" pioneer with 27hp kohler command pro in the back for the same price so I brought her home. Put 6 hours on her the first day and loved
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