60 inch triton bogging down in heavy grass

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Pat Daniels, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Pat Daniels

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    Been cutting for 8 years. On my third 23 horse 60 inch deck. Got the new Triton, used all of last year and still not satisfied with it. It boggs down in moderate to thick grass. Had 2 ultra cuts and was satisfied with them. Now when ex mark came out with the new Triton you would have thought of an improvement, but it only got worse. Cant get no good answers from the reps. And yes Ive got the after market piece on the deck and my rpms are where they are suppose to be.
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    I'm sorry you're not satisfied with your Exmark. Have you contacted our customer service department? I would ask for Fred, as he is our QOC expert, and will be able offer good insight.

  3. tacoma200

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    My guess would be the Triton is taking more power than the Ultra Cut and nothing but a larger engine would fix the problem. That's my honest opinion. I had a 23 on an 60" Ultra Cut and it felt very weak in the Spring growing season.
  4. jrainey

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    I purchased a used 2006 Exmark Lazer Z 72" mower with the 30hp Kohler. I was originally having issues with the engine bogging down going up hills. I took it to my dealer and under warranty they completed the Triton Deck update and the Kohler 30hp carburetor and elbow replacement/update.

    I am still having power issues! The engine is bogging down when cutting off one or two inches off of thick dry north east grass. The mower only has 1047 hours on it and looks to be in great condition. I also own a 2002 60” Lazer Z with a Kohler 26hp EFI. This mower will cut through 10” of grass at full speed with no engine bogging.

    Are the 30hp Kohler engines under powered for the 72” deck? I would find this hard to believe considering the unit was also available with the smaller Kohler 27hp and Kawasaki Liquid Cooled 27hp.

    I would like to hear from anyone else that has had similar issues. What did you do to resolve the issue?

    Does anyone run the Kawasaki Liquid Cooled 27hp 72” Lazer Z?

    I can’t understand how Exmark could release such a poor deck with all of the hours spent in engineering and testing! Very frustrating!


  5. Hookset

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    I'm on my second exmark with the triton deck. The first one 28 efi had a power issue wouldn't pull the ultra vac, was said that it had a bad engine from the factory. My second is not much better it will hardly double cut grass 4 inches without bogging. I've owned both the 26 efi and the 28efi prior to my last purchase with little problems. I've got 10 hrs on this new mower. I may lose my customers that I bag if this problem is not fixed soon. The deck seems to gum up pretty bad compared to the old ultra cut deck. I trusted you folks to provide me with quailty tested equipment. Lets get this problem fixed.

    Dennis Miller
    Miller Lawn Works
  6. qualitylawnpro

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    I have a 07 60" triton 27 h.p. carb engine im having the same problems. this deck is terrible. This is my first and last triton deck!!!Ive had 6 ultracuts the first ones with 22 h.p. engines ive never had any problems until now! This triton deck is a power robbing deck cuts terrible will not pull up hills!!!! Exmark should buy back these mowers!!!!!!!!!!! They are ruining the exmark name!!!!!!!!
  7. eXmark

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    I think you may be making some false assumptions. You are blaming the cutting platform for what very well may be a power issue. Have you spoken with your dealer since they installed the updates, or contacted our customer service department? Is the unit still under warranty?

  8. eXmark

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    What unit are you currently experiencing issues with? Depending on the unit you have and the year, it may need an update.

  9. eXmark

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    For the most part, we've heard that the updates have really helped the performance of the Triton. However, I don't remember hearing much about it robbing power. If we still are having some issues, we want to hear about it. I'm going to forward this thread on to customer service, and I'm sure they would like to speak with you about the issues you're having. Their number is 1-800-667-5296.

    Have you talked with your dealer? There is a lot of adjustability built into the Triton deck, and your dealer can help make sure it's adjusted properly.

  10. eXmark

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    If any of you haven't contacted our Customer Service Department about the issues you're having, I strongly recommend it. They do a great job of troubleshooting and solving issues just like the ones you're describing. It woud be well worth your time.



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