60" Turf Tracer deck leveling

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by ahah, May 12, 2007.

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    550000 serial number series.

    The trim side is a quarter inch lower than the discharge. All pins are in the proper places. The tires are all at 17 lbs. The front tires are both the same circumference . The rear tires are both the same circumference. Blade tips measure the same to the top of the deck. The blades have 2 hours on them and are not bent. The rear support pins both measure the recommended 6 7/8inches.

    I haven't pulled the rollers off to drop the deck onto a flat surface yet, but I am the only one who has operated the mower and see no way it might be bent.

    It is not cutting very well, and sometimes requires triple cutting at a very low speed just to come across as something I can sell to my customers.

    Any suggestions?
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    check the adjustments at the botom of the deck pins. you can loosen the nuts at the heim joints to adjust the deck angle. i did this on my 48" tthp to get the mower to stripe better. they might have been off from the factory. measure from the bottom of the deck to the ground(be sure to do this on the driveway or a known level place) i measured at the back of the mower near the rear rollers. if this does not work set the deck all the way to the ground to see if there is any play in the deck.if all else fails take it back to the dealer and have them check to see if the deck is somehow warped. hope this helps, good luck
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    Thanks YB.

    I spoke with an Exmark representative on Monday. He was very nice and tried to be helpful. However, his suggestions sounded like band aid fixes to me. The result from his advice would have put the deck level to the ground with proper rake, but cockeyed in the frame. In my opinion, that would not be very good for the frame or deck's longevity.

    I took off the rollers this evening and dropped the deck onto a certified flat surface. It is not bent.

    I just got off the phone with my dealer. I expressed some concern for the problems I am having. Namely, the deck leveling and rake problem, but also the fact that the engine floods periodically and takes a long time to get going again with the fear of fire from fuel coming out of the seams of the bottom end of the headers and also a hydro belt that is about to pop with a whopping total of 339 hours on the machine.

    Speaking of 339 hours, it seems my 23 hp Kawasaki is 39 hours overdue for a valve adjustment. The flooding problem started at about 50 hours, and the air cleaner is clean. Can't believe Exmark would offer an engine that requires that much attention, what is more unbelievable is my dealer would recommend it without telling me about some of it's quirks.

    I was informed that I could be "pushed through" within 2 weeks. Should I call my customers and let them know I will be taking a vacation in mid May in Indianapolis? Or should I continue triple cutting at very low speed and not have time for the landscaping jobs that were promised to be done this month? Maybe I will use my 32" Viking Hydro on acreage.

    I am happy with the dealer in one regard, there was a problem with all spindle bolts when I went to take them off. I had to strip them to do so, in the process stripping the inside of the spindles, that problem was handled in 45 minutes after arrival with no charge because it was a known issue with Exmark. But other problems arose right from the day I purchased the mower. First off was the fact that the two castors wheels' were inflated to 65 lbs. The rollers were set to way too high per the manual for mowing at 3.5 inches I requested it be set up for. The thing that almost got me killed was the cotter pin for the part number 1-808280 was not properly installed and the hydros went full blast as I was getting ready to make a turn close to a busy street.
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    I have this same mower. A couple of things I have done is lower the tire pressure on the right side a bit and over inflate the trim side a bit until it is closer to level. You will be better off if the trim side is a bit higher than the discharge side. Also, I went to Lowes and bought a number of flat washers to install as needed on the deck height adjustment pins until the mower had the proper rake.

    My mower has the 23 Kaw engine and it has been great. Mine has almost 2400 hours on it and I've only had the valves adjusted once. It sounds like you may be having a carb problem.

    Sorry for your troubles.
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    i dont know, if all else fails....sell it and buy a new one. i would keep bugging the dealer for a fix, or maybe they could give you a loaner until they get yours fixed. for that matter, keep bugging the rep for a permanent fix, or a replacement mower. i hav enot ever had any problems with my tthp and its 7 years old. still looks brand new and cuts great. but i am anal rententive about everything i own. it does not get much use anymore since i bought my toro ztr. good luck

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