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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by chariot, Sep 26, 2001.

  1. chariot

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    I noticed that in an earlier post it was said that the 2002 Turf Tracer 60" will have the ECS controls. I was wondering if it still looks like this will be the case, if so when will they most likely be available. Thank You
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    Most definitely! The 2002 Turf Tracer will have the new ECS controls. I don't think we are scheduled to go into production on that unit for a couple of weeks. If we do hit our beginning product date it is still difficult to determine when the first units will arrive at your area. This can be delayed by shipping schedules, region as well as our production capabilities.

    As an example the guys in the south, because they cut year round will generally still be selling equipment through the winter months. A dealer in the north is probably beginning to gear up for snow removal and may not be taking any more mowers until spring. You may want to contact you dealer in 30 days or so to find out if these units are available in your regions.


  3. chariot

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    Thanks for the quick response, I will check with dealer.

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