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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by stxkyboy, Apr 4, 2003.

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    I was just wondering what the list price is on your 60" Turftracers???.......and if anybody has some personal experience please tell me how they are.

    Also I currently own an exmark with a 17 hp Kawi. I lost an engine because oil leakedout of the airfilter and the cylinders basicly welded together. Now my new engine(6hrs) is doing the same......is this a common problem??? my dealer acted like all the 17hp had this problem.
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    I'm not framilliar with the issue your seeing with your 17 Kaw but if the new engine is not correct I'd get it back into the dealership for inspection.

    The Turf Tracer 60 will have a list price between $6400 and $6700 depending upon which engine you select.

    Your dealer should be able to give you an accurate quote.

    We get pretty good feedback on the big Turf Tracer. I'm not aware of a hydro walk on the market with as many features for the money.


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    You will Not Make a Better choice Than A Real Turf tracer With the 23 Kohler. See how well It Go's with The Lazer EPS.

    lazer&tracer resized.jpg

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