$6000 USD 2002 Walker Fair price or not...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Greenhaul Lawn Pro..., Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Greenhaul Lawn Pro...

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    I'm thinking of purchasing a used 2002 MTGHS 20HP Kohler Walker with a 42"GHS deck, it has 950hrs on it and they have all scheduled maintenance records for it since new, Is $6000 USD, $7000 CAD a fair price. Is there any question I should be asking or anything else I should be looking into....
    Thanks for your help and opinions on this issue.
  2. lawnrangeralaska

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    I got a 02 with 211 hours on it for 9,250. But it was loaded with extras and it also had the 26hp Efi motor.
    The 6k sounds a little high, but i don't know how often you find used walkers around there so i don't know your supply and demand with them, but common knowledge would be to offer low and get him lower on his price. Try 5k.
  3. MysticLandscape

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    I think around 5k sounds about right, a 20 HP unit around here goes for $9400 new, but it has the 48" GHS deck.
  4. cgland

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    Did they even make the 26 efi in 02?

  5. lawnrangeralaska

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    actually it was 8k without shipping. You should contact Arki-Tec Landscaping, and see what he can get you for a new or used machine.
  6. lawnrangeralaska

    lawnrangeralaska LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yes, i believe they came out in 2000. I have a 02 & 04 26hp. All the other guys in this state run the 20hp and one 25hp at the college.
  7. MOW ED

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    An 06 is about 10,600 with a 26EFI around here. 950 is about half the life gone on that Kohler. I know some go into the 2000 mark but thats pushing it. If I were you I would look into a new unit. Reasons are that you get the warranty and you are starting with a new unit. 6000 in my opinion is quite high for a 20hp Walker with a 42 deck. However I am not in your market. The mower is a great machine but that seems like a high price for it. Since you are a business you must get some depreciation and tax benefits on the purchase so why not buy new. That 4600 bucks extra can be made up in one spring. My own opinion. BTW I own a Walker MT26EFI with a 42 GHS deck. I am buying new next year. Mine is a 2000, one of the first EFI's out and I will never go to a carbed unit again. Let me know if you have any questions. Good Luck.

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