61" encore prowler questions? help please

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by national, Aug 26, 2004.

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    I am going to go look at a 61 cut encore prolwer mid mount zero turn..guy says it is a 22hp kawasaki liquid cooled & doesnt know year model for sure but guessing 5 years old with 660 hours on it...Questions are: Could it really be a 27 liquid cooled & not a 22 or is it older maybe?
    Shouldnt he have a title to it or is this normal..guy seems to be straight up family type guy?
    Any guesses as to the year model or where to find the year model?
    He wants 3800.00 for it but not sure on everything to know if that is good or not..I called local encore dealer & they said the 61in with liquid kawasaki combo has only bene out 3-4 years..said was a good mower & cut good but was slow..
    Any kinda info as to what to look out for when looking to buy this mower would be greatly appreciated..
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    I had the same question about a title to these mowers and the general consesus is no ,they dont have titles ,and when I bought a new one all I got was a bill of sale from the dealer.I think it is really common for the average user not to know how old it is how many hours are on it etc.Just make sure it isnt a deal to good to be true....... If its not too old I understand the factories will have info on who bought it at least.Hope this helps some
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    A few years ago they, Encore, had a 21 hp l/c on their 61" Prowlers. I dont think there is anything wrong with the combo except it might be underpowered IMO. The 61" Prowler is a heavy mower and when it gets to real thick, tall grass let alone when it is wet, You might have a hard time getting through it with the 21 hp.
    Encore today have 25 hp and 27 hp l/c Kawas. They are also running tests with the 31 hp generac and the 33 hp l/c Briggs Vangaurd. These are low revving, high torque and very quit motors.

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