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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawn jockey, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. lawn jockey

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    Hello everyone, I have a viberation in my deck.I looked at the pullys while running at low idle and the idler pully was shaking like crazy!When I shut it off and took the belt off all the pullys and spindles seemed to be fin. Anyone have any ideas? I could use all the help I can get! Thank you cory
  2. Benry1234

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    lawn jockey, You may be getting a lot of vibration in the belt from the low idle. If the vibration goes away once you are off idle, it may just be normal for the twin kawasaki engine. Check the length of the spring on the idler it might need to be adjusted.

    What Ferris model do you have? If you have a newer Z with non-greasable spindles, you might want to start looking there. Pull the key or disconnect the battery. Take the belt off and check for any play at the spindle, either at the pulley or at the bottom. If you find any play or roughness when you rotate the blade, you may have found your problem. There have been a few bulletins regarding the non-greaseable spindle and proper spindle setup. Rotate the idlers and check the belt for any damage or wear. Don't forget to look for bent blades or blade mounting bolts while you have the belt off. Just measure the distance from the blade tip to the underside of the deck then rotate the blade 180 degrees and measure the other end of the blade. If both the measurments are the same the blades and blade bolts should be straight. Were the blades balanced the last time they were sharpened?
    Good Luck
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    The fact that the spring loaded idler is going crazy tells me that there is a variation in belt length as the belt passes over the pulleys. Is there any noise associated with the vibration. What does your belt look like. Are there any severally worn spots or small chunks missing on the belt. Probably nothing too major. Hope this helps.

  4. Tony Harrell

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    Sounds like your belt has stretched. Take it to your shop and have them measure it for you.
  5. Cut 2 Please

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    I might can help but I need some more info first. Which mower do you have? What year is it? How many hours? How does the belt look?
    I have heard something about a bulletin from Ferris about changing the pulleys or something. They did it on a mower at the shop I use. I didn't pay much attention at the time but I will inquire more.
    Get the info for me and post it. My email address will be changing tomorrow so the odds of me getting an email are slim.

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