61" gravely prostance question

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by kwwolfe, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. kwwolfe

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    I was looking at one of these today. Can anyone who has used one comment on the trim side of the deck on the 61"? I looks great for trimming but could also pose problems scalping. Does the machine feel balanced? And does it stripe well given the off center deck?
  2. mag360

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  3. kwwolfe

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    Yeah. I was reading through that last night. Seems like a lot of people have 48 and 52s but not many 61s.
  4. mag360

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    The track is too narrow IMO - that link should be to some stripe pics with a 61. Side scalping will definitely be an issue but at least there's a foot pedal for lifting on the move to help
  5. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    On steep side hills I have noticed it will scalp on the low side. This is easy to fix by making a half width cut as you would with any large deck. That being said, I love my 61. Once figure it out and get a feel for it, you shouldnt have any problems. If your properties are large enough to warrant the 61" deck, im sure you will love this machine. Even though it doesnt have the widest track width, it is amazingly stable considering its girth.

    I have a set of g5 blades on the way right now, so I can give more info on them once I get them on next week. Over all, I am extremely pleased with my 61. It stripes way better than I expected. The zt3600 hydros pull up hills like I never imagined. They are extremely responsive and smooth. The build quality and materials are like nothing I have seen. The balance climbing hills is fantastic and im constantly amazed at how well it climbs without lifting the front. The large over hang of the trim side negates the narrow track width. Trimming under shrubs around beds is great as it keeps you out of the shrubs while rducing the chance of causing damge by running the entire machine through the branches. The platform is the most comfortable I have ever been on and even after only a few days with it, I dread using the sulky on my WB. Never realized how rough my sulky was (or any other machine) until I rode the PS. The difference is immediately noticable and I dont feel like crap at the end of the day.

    Over all, this machine is money well spent and I would put it against any stander on the market.
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  6. Optimum Lawn

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    100% agree with Tuff ^^
    Love my PS61
    You do have to watch the trim side coming off/along slope transitions so as not to scalp or keep the discharge side along the transition zone.
    Stripes really well....click on my link below for pics of such

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