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  1. Can a hitch be attached to a stander to pull a drum core aerator?
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    Lawrence- You asked about this before only with using the Sentar. Again the safty issue comes up because you would be standing in front of the drum. Maybe if it were off to the side or out in front of the mower but I could not recommend anything without fully testing it first.

    By the way, the 61" Sentar has been available for several months now.

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    What is MSRP on the 61" Sentar, what are the engine options? I did not see it listed on your web page.

    How about another dealer here in East TN.
    Thanks, Tim
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    chariot- The MSRP for the 61" Sentars are as follows:

    23 hp. Kohler Command Elec. Start $7,499
    23 hp. Kawasaki Elec. Start $7,599
    25 hp. Kawasaki Elec. Start $7,824

    You need to contact our distributor for your nearest dealers. Please call Marietta Sentry at 770-971-8118.

    Note for anyone else looking for Dealers: Our web-site has a Distributor look-up page. Just enter your zip code to find your Distributor, then call them to find your nearest dealer.

    Thanks for your inquiry,

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