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61" Wright Stander

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmk395, May 31, 2007.

  1. dmk395

    dmk395 LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Ma
    Messages: 1,005

    Anyone run one of these? I currently run a couple 52", and love them, but thinking the bigger machines might make things run a little quicker....any thoughts?
  2. bobcat175

    bobcat175 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 377

    yes it will be quicker depending on the property size...meaning if you save one or two stripes then it might not be worth it...do some searches, most people comment on scalping with the 61. I have a 52 and the only scalping is if I mow sideways on the crease of a hill....but then all fixed deck mowers will do that.
  3. delphied

    delphied LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,067

    I demoed a wright 48 on 2 of my accounts. They were large and open but the rep recommended the 52 for me. I think there is a reason for that too.

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