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6100 Outlaw B&S 30hp ramblings

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by kymowboy, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. kymowboy

    kymowboy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 69

    Wanted to share a few experiences and thoughts of my Outlaw I purchased last spring after mowing an average of 6 acres per week for a season.
    1. Checked the speed with my GPS and clocked the mower at 8.4 mph instead of the Bad Boy advertised 13. During a call to the factory, I learned that GPS’s are very inaccurate, and the “up to” in front of the listed speed is more important than the listed speed. On a visit to my dealer for parts, I was shown where to make adjustments to the control handles to allow full range of motion and a speed much closer to 13.
    2. The mower made 1 trip to the repair shop for a stuck solenoid which was replaced under warranty.
    3. Got tired of moving the arm rest every time I started the mower, so I angled the brake handle out by adding a wedge between it and the frame.
    4. Battery started going dead and an investigation of the charging system revealed the connector from the VR to be damaged. Not sure if it is the factory in Alabama (B&S) or Arkansas (BB)but one may have a beaver running around chewing on the wiring connectors.
    5. I added an ACS chute blocker; it does a good job protecting passing cars and keeping the sidewalks clean.
    6. G6 blades do a good job reducing the size of the clippings and leave a nice cut but have a fair amount of blow-out near the right front tire when using the Accelerator on leaves, reducing the RPM just a little helps.
    Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase, my local dealer is great to work with and the mower does a nice job.
  2. retrodog

    retrodog LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,429

    Good honest review. I am a big pusher for ebrake change the armrest is such a pet peeve. I sold a ton of those briggs outlaws last year. Got a new 26hpplace kawasaki option this year for a few hundo more, but i have a feeling the cyclonic briggs will stay a strong seller.. alot of people were complaining of the speed so i was told they turned the mowers down with the option of adjusting out faster.
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    THORNTON SERVICES LLC LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 431

    Looking at possibly buying one of these mowers , i currently run cub cadet m tanks but they are done after this year and this year you can only get a 72 , year i noticed the e-brake thing that is rediculous , the one i demoed had a fixed set it would slide back and forth but the back would not adjust it was very comfratable to sit in , kinda leaned back some but this got very uncomfratable after using for the day , the dealer said the seat upgrade would fix this problem and not to worry , also the front end was a little different , i am used to a floating axle zero turn , but the dealer said by adding the compression bushings that come on the xp it will ride better ( the i demoed last year was a standard out law) the dealer said he is very impressed with the xp and i will be happy with it and get my 1500 hour mark no problem , how do you guys feel about this , i usually run the mower 4 years roughly and at 1500 hours get rid of them. Any insight would help alot thank you.

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