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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Planet Landscaping, Jul 3, 2003.

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    Well I picked up a Stander from Fredrick Md. for 4300. delivered. 38 hrs never cut grass. All I can say is wow! Fast, nice cut,Well built and fun to Lawnsurf on.
  2. I have a 52” & a 36” Stander. They’re great machines, but I’m not blinded by brand loyalty. On some grass, maybe because of the fixed deck design, they don’t produce an even cut (at least on the first pass). It’s funny because when I think the “scalloping” is going to show, it doesn’t, and the cut looks perfect. Other times, even after multiple passes (offset by ½ of the blade length), the result is embarrassing.

    For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, for a simplified explanation of “scalloping,” picture trying to mow with the blades pitched 90-degrees down (orientated vertically, with the spindles pointed in the direction of the cut). Straight down from the spindles, the blades would cut deep in the grass. Where the blades overlap, the cut would arc upwards. For a three-blade deck, the resulting cut would leave three valleys and two ridges on each pass. Additionally, the forward-most blade cuts somewhat deeper than other two.

    Of course you’d never mow like that, because the pitch on a fixed deck would always be less than couple of degrees. But with the Stander’s fixed deck design, when changing the cut height, you only change the pitch of the deck. On a hanging deck mower, the pitch stays the same, so scalloping wouldn’t be a problem. Most of the time, the Stander’s cut is acceptable. But at some pitch angles and in some conditions, the ridges and valleys become noticeable.

    These are great mowers and I’ll never get rid of them. In fact, I’m considering a 61” Stander for next year, but I’m not going to commit until I can demo one that size to see if the scalloping is better or worse. To get a look a scalloping, you may have to cut several different lawns and offset your tire tracks to keep from laying down ruts. Jammer, keep your eyes open and let us know.
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    100 hrs now. mower cuts allmost as good as my lazer, No uneven cut here. !/2 the price of my lazer 90% of the productivaty. Very happy with my purchase.
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    Bluesteel, I think you are referring to scalping. Not scalloping.
  5. fblandscape, I assume you can read, but clearly you didn't read my post. What if anything in the above post would lead you to believe I was talking about scalping? Answer: Nada.
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    It took me 2 reads to figure out that he wasn't posting a typo LOL. But I did get what he was saying after that second read. I was going to suggest maybe coming up with a different word to avoid confusion, but scallop is a good word to describe the condition explained. I got to mow today & was studying the turf a little extra trying to see if I had this problem as well. After careful examination I determined that I am not having this problem with my 48" Stander (and never noticed such a thing with any other mowers I ever owned or used). Bluesteel, you can lower the rear of the deck also, and this might help with the problem you are describing?? Then the front caster adjustments wouldn't be so drastic. Could be as simple as that, the way your mowers are set up now they have too much pitch right now possibly, which could result in this effect you describe? When I lowered the rear of my deck the quality of cut was much better, so maybe that's worth a try. I also found differences in quality of cut when experimenting with the spacers on the blade bolts.
  7. BRL, sorry if my explanation was convoluted. Thanks for the info, but all those solutions have been tried. Most fixed-deck mowers have a longer wheelbase, so when you change the cut-height, the pitch angle change is not as significant for them as on the short-wheelbase Stander. Like I was saying, it’s funny (or not so funny) how the scalloping shows up sometimes when you least expect it.

    Have you ever tried cutting some of your lawns with a different (like a demo) mower. I’ve been trying to get my dealer to let me demo a 61” Stander. But they’ve been telling me the sales representative is no where to be found. So I’ve tried a 60” Lazer today, and plan on trying a Super-Z and a Chopper in the next week or two.

    Anyway, while mowing with the Lazer today, it dawned on me what Jammer was claiming: First of all, his wording (and spelling) led me to believe he had just picked up his 61” Stander. Then all of the sudden, he’s put a nice round “100 hours” on it. But the kicker is claiming that his Stander cuts “allmost” as good as his Lazer. Well … maybe if his Lazer was wrecked or something, LOL. Then again, “allmost” is just as nebulas as “100 hours.”

    I’ve got 382 hours on my 52” Stander. It’s never been wrecked. In fact most people think its new when it’s washed. But NEVER in my wildest dreams or under ANY circumstances did it cut “allmost” as good as the 60” Lazer I used today. Then again, my standard might be higher than others.
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    I OWN both, so my result is firsthand.Take for what its worth.My 27hp lq lazer is better no doubt,but at twice the price I paid for it. 8500 out the door compared to 4300 for a 38 hr 61 stander. The stander will mow 90% of the grass.Quality of cut is good but not as good as my Lazer. 38hrs when I got it, 100 hrs at report. It will out handle ,not out cut the lazer on flatland and hills. You should investigate your mower setup if you dont have similar results.
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    Blu, I am an Exmark man, My results are true and honest.( why would they not be) I'm a 37yr old running a great money buisness. Again I OWN both. Do you OWN a 6123 Stander or A lazer ? Go stick your head in a hole. Your inexperiance shows. I'm just giving MY opinion, take or leave it!

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