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61in WB or 48in WB


LawnSite Bronze Member
61? Exmark doesn't make a 61. :)<p>I would do it. That's all we use are 60&quot; and 72&quot;. I've found a 60&quot; works fine for all yards. Make sure it has a floating deck with anti-scalp rollers, just to be safe.


LawnSite Gold Member
in the instance where a 61 inch deck will not pass between obstructions, it doesn't seem like a good idea. in the open prarie where there's nothing but grass and blue sky (humor intended), the 61 would be an advantage for sure.<p>how big is too big? Idunno. I'm not blessed with that problem. I'd say, however, that if you want to stick with the minimum amount of quipment and the purchase of the 61 inch machine caused you to have to buy or carry another machine for small jobs, obstructions, and caused alot ot extra trim time then I'd say the 61 was the wrong choice.<p>I use a 48 as a compromise. I don't even carry a trim mower on the trailer. to increase my production I am considering changing from belt drive to hydro in the same size.<p>my comments, of course, are couched from the point of view that I am a small (but profitable) operator in this buisness. good luck.<p>GEO