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Can someone with a new Toro/eXmark 62&quot; ZTR<br>measure the diameter of the center spindle<br>pulley?<p>What is the toro part number from the parts<br>catalog?<p>I put about 4 hours on my new 62&quot; walk behind mowing sports fields at 1 1/2&quot;.<p>The quality of cut is good but when May<br>comes I will need all the help I can get.<p>In The parts catalog the 52 & 62<br>take the same spindle bearing so<br>the smaller pulley (toro# 55-7610)<br>should be a direct fit and should increase speed big time.<p>I guess I will have to measure<br>with string and get a belt to size<br>at an industrial suppply house.<br>


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Stone:<br>I just picked ours up today and they measure 6 7/8&quot;- just shy of 7&quot;. I understand they've increased blade tip speed in 2000, so that would make sense.
Thanks for your help. The pulley on my 62&quot;<br>is 8 1/4+ and the pully on my 52&quot; is 6 3/4+.<p>It is hard to get a good meausrement with the pulley on the machine.<p>I could tell yesterday that the 62 did not have the blade speed of the 52&quot;.<p>I am ordering a 52&quot; pulley today from proparts for $48. For around $50 I am able<br>have the quality of cut as a new ZTR.<br>It also helps the quaility of cut that<br>the WB tops out at 5.2 mph.<p>Lazer you said the front ends of the 62&quot; WB<br>was heavy any your correct but Toro has put<br>the little 44&quot; front castor wheels on my<br>1991 model deck. So today I am going to replace those castor wheels with a new set of<br>larger ones (oem#12-1519) I have in stock. That sould help reduce the amount of force needed on the t-bar.<p>Mike, <p>Can you notice any diff in blade speed between your machines?


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I do not know for sure, but you should also check the pulley diameter of the pto clutch too. they may have decreased the size of the main deck pulley, but could have increased the size of the pto pulley at the same time. Just some food for thought. I see this alot, most every cutter I see at my shop, wants extreme blade tip speed. Just be careful, I have personally seen the aftermath of too much blade tip speed. The US government says the blade tip speed shall not exceed 18,000 fps(feet per second) the blades for most manufacturers are only tested up to 22,000fps. So just be careful. You don't want to USE the insurance you pay so much for! If you want to calculate the speed for your self , multiply the blade legnth by the rpm's of the spindle pulley then by .262. Hope this helps.<p>David <br>B and B Sales<br>


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Lawrence,<br> I can't notice any difference at all. The new deck however has new front baffles which aid in improved circulation flow as well as adds an additional thickness to the front of the deck. I just ordered these baffles for my 98 62&quot; and installed them today. The 2 baffles were $64. That was the only difference in the 2 decks that I noticed. I am not a mechanic by any means, but let me ask you this. Can I order the smaller pulley on the newer deck and mount it on the older one without a change in belt size or any other adjustment to gain this improved blade tip speed or is there more to it? Thanks<p>Mike


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hey, when they put baffles on decks, why cant they weld a piece on the bottom, so you don't have to clean grass from that cavity? it would probably make the deck stronger too
mike wrote:<p>&gt;Can I order the smaller pulley on the newer deck and mount it on the older one without a change in belt size or any other adjustment to gain this improved blade tip speed or is there more to it? <p>The smaller pulley can be installed easily a<br>air impact tool can help.<p>Go into your parts catalogs Mike and see<br>if the 98 machine takes the same pto to<br>deck belt as does the 99 model. If it does you will be able to<br>use the same belt.


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The belt on my mulch kit with the smaller pulley was a wider and tuffer belt on the <br>44&quot; from the factory. Then I e-mailed them to get the new tip speed.

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