62" Toro for 800 bucks!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EagleLandscape, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. EagleLandscape

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  2. HarryD

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    its not going to stay at $800 for long with 2 days left on it. Plus shipping is gunna kill ya. Plus 62 inch belt drive :D wait till those real dewy mornings that will be fun
  3. CamLand

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    i'm getting more info on machine,lives short didstance from me
  4. FrankenScagMachines

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    Looks in good shape. A little bit of blue smoke is normal on some engines upon startup. The starter thing is probably not a big deal, likely just a worn gear on starter (cheap fix). But 16hp twin is not enough power for that unless you are walking, if you want to pull a sulky you won't gain much productivity (alittle). You can always upgrade the engine later, if it starts/runs/cuts good it might be worth it.
  5. CamLand

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    machine is a 93 and no hours defined..
  6. rodfather

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    16 hp + 61" deck = underpowered IMO
  7. TaussigLawnCare

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    I'd consider it if I had that kinda money drought here is killing me and if the seller had some better rating it would help.
  8. Have you ever used one?
  9. double e

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    do they still make the 62" toro wb-
    I would even consider an Exmark wb- 60" or more

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